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    Jewish Trivia Knowledge

    1. July, 2013Jewish Trivia KnowledgeComments are off

    Jewish Trivia Contest

    Below are a random group of Trivia questions about Jewish tradition, customs and history. If you are one of the first ten people to answer 37 questions correctly then you will be entitled to a free video chat Hebrew lesson of ½ hour, which is a $50.00 value.

    You may get your answers from the Internet, or books or any other method that you can locate. Maybe even your parents. Please send your answers along with your email address and phone number to: michaelmarcus1000@gmail.com by August 25th in order to be eligible for the prize. All of the answers will be listed in my August blog. Good luck!

    Attached are some trivia facts that you may not know!

    What is the capital of Israel?


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